Regent Street Motor Show

Regent Street Motor Show

Over the past 3 years we have supported Goose Live Events in the delivery of the annual Regent Street Motor Show. As the Event has grown, so has our involvement. From production and installation of wayfinding signage, to increasing brand presence with barrier banners, we help to ensure that the event has the correct look and feel balanced with efficient sponsor presence.

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge of the Regent Street Motor Show is timings. The event takes place over one day, with London’s infamous Regent Street being closed off to vehicles and road users in the morning and reopened early evening. Therefore, we have to ensure that our team is on site and ready to promptly start branding as soon as the first road block goes up, and have everything in place before the show opens 60 minutes later. We then have an equally tight timeframe to debrand and remove any trace of the event at the end of the show, before the road reopens.


Events like this give the team a great opportunity to show off our management and install skills. We have consistently been able to help transform the location with bespoke Event branding that is installed and ready to go within the limited time frame. We are then onsite, vans loaded and ready to leave, as the location returns to its usual operation with as minimal disruption as possible.  Year on year the Regent Street Motor Show has been a great success enjoyed by thousands of visitors. It also serves as a great example of how an event can transcend and take over a very busy location, in just a few short hours.