Olympic Games

Olympic Games

Over the last 3 Olympic event cycles we have undertaken various branding roles. We had a heavy involvement at London 2012 in particular, where we played a pivotal role in the sailing events, delivering many items, such as; competitor branding (hull, boom, sails), field of play and race marker branding, committee/support boat branding and NOC identification branding. Grapefruit’s involvement was such, that we were recognised at the World Sailing end of year conference as being large influencers in changing the look of competitive sail branding, and raising the bar for the level of design and coverage achievable going forward.


We also supplied and installed branding for other water-based events including;

  • Rowing and Kayak
  • Canoe slalom
  • Triathlon
  • Marathon Swim

Every event has its challenges, whether it be time pressures or logistical restrictions and the 2012 games were no different, except in this instance the scale and stage you’re working on is unparalleled. Thankfully our excellent production and install teams are well versed in these challenges and Grapefruit were able to deliver the same exceptional service.

The Result

The result was that the 2012 home games were an outstanding success and we are proud to have played our part in delivering bespoke branding solutions to showcase sport on the grandest of stages.