Five environmental changes you can make at your next event

There is an increasing awareness of the environmental impacts we are having on the planet. Events don’t just leave behind memories for its attendees but they also leave a number of physical impacts on the environment which can be both short term and long term.

As a result event organisers now have a responsibility to ensure that they leave as little damage to the environment as possible and are moving ever closer to providing environmentally friendly and sustainable events. 

In 2018 Grapefruit have been awarded with ISO20121 meaning that we are committed to providing products and services to the marine and event industry which have a minimal negative impact on the environment, communities and local economy.

We’ve put together a list of five simple changes you could make to your next event.

Water Fountains

Less than half of all single use plastic bottles used in the UK are recycled and as a result will end up in landfills or the Worlds Oceans. By issuing tap water, installing water fountains or hiring in water dispensers not only works out more cost effective but will also reduce the impact in the environment.

A sustainable and reusable branded water bottle could provide the perfect gift for all attendees.

PVC Free Branding

Creating an event identity is important, this is often done through the use of banners, stickers and feather flags which are traditionally made from PVC heavy materials that cannot be recycled.

Grapefruit now offer a range of PVC free products and one of the most notable projects we are currently working on are PVC free bow stickers for Cowes Week 2018. These will still be as robust and as easy to apply as previous PVC versions. However, in comparison to more traditionally used materials, this simple change will significantly reduce the amount of toxic chemicals being release into the environment.

Recycling Bins

Ensure that recycling bins are readily available throughout your venue. For maximum effectiveness, make sure that they are brightly coloured, clearly labelled and placed in busy areas. Don’t forget to consider how waste such as cardboard boxes and plastic containers from vendors during set up and pack up is disposed of.

Recycle your Branding

One of the most cost effective ways of saving money for an event is to reuse old branding. Out of date signage can have a PVC free wrap placed over the top of obsolete information, this can be used to provide new and relevant information or even just for a brand refresh from year to year. If you cannot reuse materials consider donating them to schemes like reuseful UK (hyperlink address:

Keep it Local

Where possible source local suppliers for food and drink. Not only will you be supporting local business but will also mean that air pollution and carbon emissions associated with its transport are reduced. In addition look for suppliers and venues who hold sustainability certifications in line with your own event.

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